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Miguel Castillo

Years Imprisoned:





48 yrs

Year Convicted:


Year Cleared:


Location of Trial:




Summary of Case:

Wrongly convicted of a 1988 murder based on his alleged false confession to an English speaking Chicago policeman, while Castillo spoke Spanish. There was no tape or signed confession and Castillo denied confessing to the murder. After 11-1/2 years imprisonment, Castillo was released after it was proven by medical experts that the murder occurred between May 7 and May 9, 1988, and Castillo was in the Cook County Jail from March 23 to May 11, 1988, so he couldn't be guilty. Was awarded $1.2 million to settle a lawsuit against the City of Chicago and three policemen. Pardoned by IL Gov George Ryan on January 8, 2003.

Conviction Caused By:

False confession allegedly made by the Spanish speaking Castillo to an English speaking policeman, but there was no tape or signed evidence of the confession that Castillo denied making.

Innocence Proved By:

Alibi established that Castillo was in the Cook County Jail on the day the murder occurred.

Defendant Aided By:

Compensation Awarded:

$1.2 million

Was Perpetrator Found?

Age When Imprisoned:


Age When Released:


Information Source 1:

Northwestern School of Law Center on Wrongful Convictions database

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Information Source 2:

Wrongly convicted man gets $1.2 million, Chicago AP, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 1, 2004

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Information Location 3:

Information Source 4:

Chicago Tribune, January 19, 2001

Information Location 4:

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Information Location 5:



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Falsely confessed

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