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Time Line

Friday July 6


Mom home all day & Night


24 hr urine collection for Tests done


Saturday July 7



Police Fiction

Support for Facts

6:50 am Mom Leaves for work


Mom's statement

7:15 am - Mom drops off urine at lab


Mom's statement/Lab receipt

3:00 pm Dad leaves for work - Sister is home (babysitting)


Dad's statement/Sister's statement

Grandfather (Birthday) returns call placed by Dad earlier in the day (talks to her on phone)


Grandpa's phone records

4:05(15) pm Mom calls home and tells her she is stopping by Dad's work on way home


Michelle Austria (&Rusty)pick her up and goes to Caliente (approx 12 miles from home)


Michelle Austria's statement

5:00 pm they pick up Mike from work and go to Restaurant/Bar


Michelle's stmt/Mike's stmt

9:35 Calls Mom from Dad's work (around the corner from Restaurant/Bar)


Mom's statement

10:00 Mom picks her up from Dad's work and drives home


Mom's statement


Sunday July 8



Police Fiction

Support for Facts

12:30 am Dad gets home from work - she is asleep in living room

Sometime between 12:30 am when

Dad's statement

5:45 am Mom gets up for work - she is asleep in living room

Dad comes home and 5:45 am when

Mom's statement

Early afternoon - neighbor sees her 4 wheeling

Mom gets up for work, she gets in her

Neighbor's statement

Early evening - Call to Mom's sister in Colorado re: nephew's birthday

car (not mechanically sound and

Telephone records

Cousin Shane visits

smells very bad) drives 2 1/2 hours to

Shane's statement

Chris visits

Las Vegas, finds this homeless man

Chris's statement

She packs to return to Las Vegas

to buy drugs from, kills him and drives


10:30 pm Body found

2 1/2 hours home without leaving any

Police records


hair or fingerprints at the scene of the


18 hr  window on time of death = 2:30 am to 10:30 pm July 8 2001

crime or getting any blood in her car.


The drive itself would take 5 hours of


170 miles @ 70 miles per hour =

the 5 hours and 15 min interval


between her dad getting home and her


5 hour round trip

mom getting up for work.


to Las Vegas


170 miles


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