Newspaper blogger, retired postal worker and part-time nighttime cleaning lady Minnie O'Pausal was secretly abducted in southeast Missouri by unknown and unnamed authorities for unknown reasons sometime in early October.


There is dread spreading amongst Minnie's friends and supporters because she has been disappeared into what is internationally known as simply – Stoddard County. People have been known to disappear into the Black Hole of Stoddard County … and then not been seen or heard from for years.


The search for Minnie is being spearheaded by Madeline DeJournett, intrepid reporter for the North Stoddard Countian and Daily Statesman blogger. So far the FREE MINNIE campaign has been waged by concerned citizens burning up the blogosphere with pleas for her release, and a barnstormer was inspired to skywrite an SOS to the world! See the dramatic plea for justice here!!


If all else fails, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other international organizations that specialize in human abductions into Secret Black Site Prisons may need to be consulted.


For the latest Minnie news, go to the official FREE MINNIE blog!.