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Prison of Secrets

Title Prison of Secrets
Date 1997
Summary "Caught in a living nightmare, a young mother and wife is convicted by profiting illegally from a business venture. Unaware that she was breaking any laws by sharing in the money she saved her boss, Lynn Shaffer (Stephanie Zimbalist, Remington Steele), nevertheless receives a 10 year prison sentence. Held captive by male guards who extract sexual favors in exchange for dolling out everything from drugs to toothbrushes, the women inmates live in fear of this renegade group of lawless lawmen. Lynn also learns that some women are taken off the prison grounds each night and forced into prostitution by guards who double as pimps. Appalled by the abuse and degradation, Lynn isiforced to take a dangerous stand. Aware that others have died trying to fight, she can only succeed if she can get othersito testify. This movie is inspired by actual events. This is the nightmarish true story of a middle-class wife and mother who is found guilty of a white-collar crime and finds herself serving a prison sentence. While incarcerated, she witnesses the assaults of female prisoners by male guards and uncovers a prison prostitution ring. Outraged, she clandestinely informs her husband, a popular local-radio talk-show host, risking her life and her family's safety to successfully expose this injustice. Ultimately, 22 guards were fired or replaced by women. "
Type Fact based drama
Media Film
Country US
Format Released to theaters
Pages DVD
1st Ed/Copyright
Original Title
Originally Published
Official Website
Alternate Website
Barnes & Noble
Alternate Edition
Released By
Running Time 91 minutes
Color/B&W Color
Rating N/A
Based On Actual case
Available on Video/DVD? Yes/Yes
Starring Stephanie Zimbalist

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