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Innocents Database

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Sortable 1989-2016 U.S. Cases

Sortable Pre-1989 U.S. Cases

Sortable Non-U.S. Cases thru 2016

8,165 Cases Currently Listed in the Innocents Database

There are cases from 117 countries.

5,243 cases are from the United States

2,922 cases are from a country other than the U.S.

592 people were sentenced to death.

1.020 people were sentenced to life in prison.

2,166 people were convicted of a homicide related crime.

1,067 people were convicted of a sexual assault related crime.

225 people were posthumously exonerated by a court or a pardon

U.S. Cases
1989 - 2017

4,325 = Total
2,959 = Males
374 = Females
992 = Other (Businesses, etc.)

940 = Homicide cases
90 = Homicide & Sexual Assault cases
386 = Sexual Assault/Rape cases
212 = Child Sexual Assault/Sex Abuse cases
196 = Robbery/Theft/Burglary/Extortion cases
119 - Assault cases
1,555 = Drug cases
143 = Fraud/Forgery/Embezzelment/Bribery cases
18 = Child Abuse/Assault cases
172 = Violent Other cases
494 = Non-violent Other cases

U.S. cases
Before 1989

918 = Total
822 = Males
69 = Females
27 = Other (Businesses, etc.)

431 = Homicide cases
5 = Homicide & Sexual Assault cases
41 = Sexual Assault/Rape cases
3 = Child Sexual Assault/Sex Abuse cases
114 = Robbery/Theft/Burglary/Extortion cases
9 - Assault cases
17 = Drug cases
38 = Fraud/Forgery/Embezzelment/Bribery cases
0 = Child Abuse/Assault cases
48 = Violent Other cases
205 = Non-violent Other cases

Non-U.S. Cases
1989 - 2017

2,679 = Total
2,053 = Males
326 = Females
300 = Other (Businesses, etc.)

611 = Homicide cases
26 = Homicide & Sexual Assault cases
221 = Sexual Assault/Rape cases
74 = Child Sexual Assault/Sex Abuse cases
167 = Robbery/Theft/Burglary/Extortion cases
140 - Assault cases
106 = Drug cases
142 = Fraud/Forgery/Embezzelment/Bribery cases
6 = Child Abuse/Assault cases
513 = Violent Other cases
674 = Non-violent Other cases

Non-U.S. cases
Before 1989

220 = Total
141 = Males
14 = Females
65 = Other (Businesses, etc.)

53 = Homicide cases
1 = Homicide & Sexual Assault cases
3 = Sexual Assault/Rape cases
1 = Child Sexual Assault/Sex Abuse cases
45 = Robbery/Theft/Burglary/Extortion cases
13 = Assault cases
4 = Drug cases
7 = Fraud/Forgery/Embezzelment/Bribery cases
0 = Child Abuse/Assault cases
54 = Violent Other cases
39 = Non-violent Other cases

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Exonerations by U.S. States

Exonerations by U.S. Counties and Independent Cities

Exonerations by Countries

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The Innocents Database includes persons whose presumption of innocence was restored after their conviction was overturned on direct appeal or post-conviction appeal and they were not retried, persons acquitted after a retrial, and persons granted an executive or legislative pardon based on evidence of their innocence. The sources of information include official court reports, books, and newspaper and magazine articles. Each person's record in the database includes one or more sources for the information about the person's case. For a detailed explanation of the cases included in the Innocents Database see the article "An Exoneration Can Be Judicial Or By Executive Or Legislative Clemency," online at,

NOTICE: The Innocents Database is made available to the public on the Internet for education, research, and other non-commercial purposes with the proviso that credit is given to the Innocents Database as the source of information used. A commercial use is not permitted without receiving permission. Reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the database, but no express or implied warranty is made, and by using the Innocents Database the user agrees to hold Hans Sherrer, The Justice Institute and Justice Denied harmless from any legal liability for any use whatsoever, including non-commercial or commercial uses of the database.

Hans Sherrer, whose website is, created the Innocents Database in 1997 and continues to maintain it. The database is linked to: Justice Denied's website as a courtesy to supplement Justice Denied's activities on behalf of the wrongly convicted world-wide.

Innocents Database Copyright 1997-2017 Hans Sherrer