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Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice

Title Rethinking Miscarriages of Justice
Subtitle Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg
Author "Naughton, Michael"
Publisher Palgrave MacMillan (London)
Date 2007
Month December
Summary "Analyzes the problem of miscarriages of justice in the United Kingdom by one of the UK’s leading authorities on the subject. Naughton argues that the legal process causes miscarriages of justice and places roadblocks to the overturning of convictions. Naughton interprets error as a norm built into the legal system. He defines the term ’miscarriage of justice’ to show that it applies to thousands of cases per year in the UK. Naughton also explores the impact of miscarriages of justice on a range of victims - direct and indirect - and their wider effect on society as a whole. Previous attempts to reform the system to prevent miscarriages of justice and their consequences have proved unsuccessful and here, Naughton provides an explanation of why they have failed and provides a new perspective on the ways to prevent mistakes occuring. "
Type Non-fiction
Media Book
Country GBR
Format hardcover
Pages 233
ISBN 978-0230019065
Edition 1st hardcover
1st Ed/Copyright 2007
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