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The Wrong Man

Title The Wrong Man
Date 1956
Summary "Based on a Life Magazine article: "The True Story of Christopher Emmanuel Balestreros" The true story of a nightclub musician (Fonda) is falsely accused of a robbery and his life is fairly destroyed and his wife has a nervous breakdown. Accurate recreation of a real-life case of mild-mannered bass player “Manny” Balestro; probes his anguish at being wrongly accused and showcases his wife (Vera Miles) and her anguish. Director Alfred Hitchcock's only directly non-fictional movie. Filmed on location in New York. Inspired by a Life magazine story about the harrowing ordeal of an “ordinary” man whose life was destroyed after was mistakenly identified as a thief who robbed an insurance office. Balestro was jailed, indicted and even went to trial before it was discovered that he was “the wrong man.” The long ordeal so disturbed his wife that she was institutionalized."
Type Fact based drama
Media Film
Country US
Format Released to theaters
Pages DVD
1st Ed/Copyright
Original Title
Originally Published
Official Website
Alternate Website http://personal.redestb.es/hailbrath/movies/wrong.htm
Barnes & Noble
Alternate Edition
Released By Warner Brothers
Producer "Alfred Hitchcock, Herbert Coleman, Warner Brothers"
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Screenwriter Angus MacPhail & Maxwell Anderson.
Running Time 105 minutes
Color/B&W B&W
Based On Actual case
Available on Video/DVD?
Starring "Henry Fonda, Vera Miles, Anthony Quayle"

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