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Through My Eyes

Title Through My Eyes
Subtitle Lindy Chamberlain - An Autobiography
Author "Chamberlain, Lindy"
Publisher William Heinemann
Date 1990
Summary "First person account of the ordeal that Lindy and Michael Chamberlain endured after their 9 week old daughter Azaria was taken away by a dingo in August 1980 while the family was camping near world famous Ayers Rock in Australia. Although Azaria's body wasn't found, Lindy was convicted in 1982 of murdering her.She was sentenced to life in prison. Lindy was released in 1986 based on the discovery of new evidence a dingo had taken Azaria as Lindy testified, and in 1988 her conviction was overturned by the Northwest Territories Court of Appeal. Lindy was awarded AUS$1.3 million in compensation for her four years of wrongful imprisonment. Her husband's conviction for aiding and abetting her after the fact was also overturned in 1988, but he was only fiven an 18 month suspended sentence."
Type Non-fiction
Media Book
Country AUS
Format hardcover
Pages 240
ISBN 978-0855613310
Edition 1st hardcover
1st Ed/Copyright 1990
Original Title
Originally Published
Official Website http://www.lindychamberlain.com/content/book
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Barnes & Noble
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