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Finnish Rights Activist





3 years

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"Wrongly convicted of the arson of a fur shop in Turku, Finland in July 2008. The 25-year-old animal rights activist was convicted based on his confession to a doctor weeks after the fire. During his trial he denied setting the fire, but said he told the doctor he did because he thought it would make it easier for him to get treatment for a mental health complaint. On October 27, 2011 Finland's Supreme Court overturned his conviction, ruling that his confession was insufficent evidence, because it contained only publicly known information and DNA tests of trousers found in a trash bin near where the fire was started that had his DNA mixed with another persons was not sufficent because it is unknown when the trousers, that had no evidence on them linking them to the fire, were put in the trash bin. (Finnish news reports didn't include the man's name.)"

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"On October 27, 2011 Finland's Supreme Court overturned his conviction based on insufficent evidence."

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"Supreme Court overturns arson conviction of animal rights activist, Staff report, Helsingin Sanomat, November 4, 2011"

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