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Ahmed Ben Ahmed



Insulting a public official


6 months

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"Ahmed Ben Ahmed was wrongly convicted in Hammamet, Tunisia on September 18, 2013 of "insulting the police," defamation of public officials, and harming public morals, under articles 125, 226 bis, and 247 of the penal code. The charges against Ahmed, also known as the rapper Klay BBJ, were based on lyrics of some of his songs during a concert he gave on August 22, 2013 at the International Festival of Hammamet. On September 26, 2013 he was sentenced to six months in prison and he was immediately taken into custody. Ahmed appealed and during the appeal hearing on October 17, 2013 six witnesses present at the concert testified they did not hear Ahmed pronounce any words or expressions insulting the police or state institutions. His lawyer cited a French case in which a rapper was acquitted of the charge of incitement to violence because the court concluded that rap songs are by their nature provocative and sometimes crude and that they must be respected and protected as a form of freedom of speech. After the hearing the appeals court annulled Ahmed's convictions and ordered his release."

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"Ahmed appealed and on October 17, 2013 the appeals court overturned his conviction and ordered his release."

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Information Source 1:

"Tunisia: Rapper Acquitted After 3 Weeks in Prison, October 21, 2013"

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