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John Randall Alexander





Life Imprisonment

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Judicially Exonerated Released

Summary of Case:

"John Randall Alexander was wrongly convicted in 1989 of the July 15, 1987 death of a man who was run over by a car as he was walking along a two-lane highway in Panola County, Mississippi. John Alexander was convicted based on the testimony of three people, including a husband and wife, that he had confessed. Alexander was sentenced to life in prison. In June 1992 the Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed Alexander's conviction. Five years after Alexander's trial the woman admitted she lied and perjured herself because her abusive husband wanted her to testify against Alexander. She provided Alexander with an Affidavit that he relied on to file a state writ of habeas corpus. Based on the new evidence of the woman's recantation that also cast doubt on her husband's testimony, Alexander's conviction was overturned in June 1995 and he was granted a new trial. The prosecution did not act until 15 years after his release, when in March 2010 the murder charge was dropped and his indictment dismissed with prejudice, which means it cannot be refiled. On March 29, 2010 Alexander filed a claim for compensation under Mississippi's wrongful conviction compensation statute enacted in 2009 that provides for up to $50,000 for each year of wrongful imprisonment.On October 7, 2011 Alexander and the State signed an agreement that Alexander’s case meets the criteria for wrongful conviction reimbursement and his claim was submitted the Alabama legislature for approval of a payment of $281,000. The Secretary of State's Office reported that Alexander could expect payment in July 2012."

Conviction Caused By:

Perjured testimony by at least one of the prosecution's two star witnesses that she heard Alexander confess.

Innocence Proved By:

In March 2010 the charges were dropped and the indictment dismissed.

Defendant Aided By:

Compensation Awarded:

"$281,000 (State of Mississippi, Oct 2011)"

Was Perpetrator Identified?

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Information Source 1:

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Information Source 2:

"Man Wrongly Convicted Wants Pay, By Stephanie Scurlock (staff), WREG Channel 3 TV (Memphis, TN), August 27, 2010"

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Information Source 3:

"Innocent of murder, man seeks justice for jail time, By John Howell Sr (staff), The Panolian (Batesville, MS), April 27, 2010"

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Information Source 4:

"Alexander’s claim for compensation goes to legislature, By John Howell Sr., The Panolian (Batesville, MS), November 1, 2011"

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Information Source 5:

"State to pay thousands to wrongfully convicted, By Jack Elliot Jr. (Associated Press reporter), The Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, MS), April 19, 2015"

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