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Ali Hamza Ahmad Suli Bahlul



Terrorism (providing material support - 10 U.S.C. § 950t(25))


Years Imprisoned:

Year Crime:

Year Convicted:

Year Cleared:


U.S. State or Country of Crime:

District of Columbia - Federal Case

County or Region of Crime:

District of Columbia

City of Crime:

Washington DC


Judicially Exonerated

Summary of Case:

Ali Hamza Ahmad al Bahlul

Conviction Caused By:

Innocence Proved By:

"On July 14, 2014 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia vacated Bahlul's conviction of material support of terrorism on the basis a military tribunal lacked jurisdiction to prosecute that charge, and vacated his conviction of solicitation of others to commit war crimes on the basis it "is plainly not an offense traditionally triable by military commission.""

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Compensation Awarded:

Was Perpetrator Identified?

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Age When Released:



Middle eastern roots

Information Source 1:

"Ali Hamza Ahmad al Bahlul v. USA, 767 F.3d 1 (USCA DC, 7-14-2014) (en banc)"

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Information Source 2:

"U.S. court partly overturns Guantanamo conviction of al Qaeda publicist, By Bernard Vaughan (staff writer), Reuters.com, July 14, 2014"

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