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Sherry B. Bailey



Vehicular Homicide (Incl. Culpable negligence)


"6 years and a fine of $2,000"

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Summary of Case:

"Sherry S. Bailey was wrongly convicted on May 10, 2004 of vehicular manslaughter in the death of 79-year-old Lillie Ingram after a traffic collision on May 30, 2003 near Natchez, Bailey's conviction was based on the prosecution's argument the accident was caused by her being intoxicated. Bailey was sentenced to six years imprisonment at hard labor and a fine of $2,000. Bailey appealed arguing there was insufficient evidence the accident was caused by her and not by the dangerous position of the victim's car immediately prior to the impact. Her conviction was overturned by the Louisiana Court of Appeals on April 6, 2005 which ruled "the evidence was insufficient to show that (Bailey's) intoxication combined with her operation of her vehicle (caused the) victim's death." Lousiana's Supreme Court upheld that ruling."

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"Sherry S. Bailey's conviction was overturned by the Louisiana Court of Appeals on April 6, 2005 based on insufficient evidence of her guilt."

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Information Source 1:

"Woman arrested for DWI years after conviction overturned in fatal wreck, Natchez Democrat, November 10, 2012"

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"State v. Bailey, 905 So.2d 303 (2005) [LA Ct. of Appeals, 4-6-2005]"

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