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Chester Bauer





30 years

Years Imprisoned:


Year Crime:


Year Convicted:


Year Cleared:


U.S. State or Country of Crime:


County or Region of Crime:

Silver Bow

City of Crime:

Silver Bow


Judicially Exonerated

Summary of Case:

"Chester Bauer was wrongly convicted in 1983 of rape and aggravated assault in Silver Bow, Montana. Bauer's prosecution was based on erroneous eyewitness identification of him by the victim and her husband. A crime lab technician erroneously testified at Bauer's trial that hairs collected from the victim's bedding matched Bauer's hair. However, the number of hairs was miscounted and it was later revealed that none of the hairs matched Bauer. Bauer was sentenced to 20 years for the rape and 10 years for the assault, to be served consecutively. Bauer was exonerated in September 1997 by DNA testing unavailable at the time of his trial."

Conviction Caused By:

Erroneous eyewitness identification and erroneous hair comparison analysis by a crime lab technician.

Innocence Proved By:

DNA testing unavilable at the time of his trial.

Defendant Aided By:

Compensation Awarded:

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Innocence Project database

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