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Abdul Qaiym Muftisaa Bhai






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"Adam Suleman Ajmeri, Chand Khan, Abdul Qaiym Muftisaab Mohmed Bhai, Mohammed Hanif Salim Sheikh, Abdulamiya Yasinmiya, and Altaf Malek were six codefendants wrongly convicted in 2006 of terrorism charges related to the September 24-25, 2002 Akshardhan temple terror attack during which 33 people were killed and 85 injured. In July 2006 Adam Ajmeri, Shan Miya alias Chand Khan and Mufti Abdul Qyyum Mansuri were sentenced to death and payment of a fine of Rs.25,000, Salim Shaikh was sentenced to life imprisonment and payment of a fine of Rs.25,000, Abdulmiyan Qadri was given a 10-year prison sentence and payment of a fine of Rs.10,000, and Altaf Hussain was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and payment of a fine of Rs.5,000. On May 16, 2014 the Supreme Court of India acquitted the six defendants, stating in their judgment: "We intend to express our anguish about the incompetence with which the investigating agencies conducted the investigation of the case of such a grievous nature, involving the integrity and security of the nation." Justice V. Gopala Gowda said speaking for the bench: "Instead of booking the real culprits responsible for taking so many precious lives, police caught innocent people and got imposed the grievous charges against them which resulted in their conviction and subsequent sentencing," On May 18, 2014 the four defendants still imprisoned were released from the Sabarmati Central Jail after 11 years in custody. The three exonerated defendants sentenced to death spent eight years on India's death row."

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"On May 16, 2014 the Supreme Court of India acquitted the six defendants."

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Information Source 1:

"Abdambhai, Sulemanbhai, Ajmeri & Ors. vs. State of Gujarat, Nos. 2295-2296 of 2010 (Supreme Ct. of India, Crim. Appellate Juris., 5-16-2014)"

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Information Source 2:

"Supreme Court acquits 6 convicts in 2002 Akshardham attack case, By Press Trust of India, The Financial Express (New Delhi), May 16 2014"

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Information Source 3:

"Gujarat Akshardham attack: 6 convicts acquitted, By Hindustan Times Correspondent, Hindustan Times (New Delhi, India), May 16, 2014"

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Information Source 4:

"Akshardham Temple attack, Wikipedia.org"

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Information Source 5:

"Akshardham attack case: four convicts freed after 11 years, By Staff writers, The Hindu, May 18, 2014"

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