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Flaminia Bruno



Medical Negligence


1 year and 4 months

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"Aldo Fierro, Stefania Corbi, Flaminia Bruno, Luigi De Marchis Preite, Silvia Di Carlo and Rosita Caponetti were six codefendants wrongly convicted on June 5, 2013 of charges related to the death of Stefano Cucchi in the jail ward in Rome's Pertini hospital in October 2009. Fierro was a hospital staff member, and the other five were doctors at the hospital. Cucchi was admitted to the hospital after being arrested on a drug charge. His autopsy showed he died from severe dehydration. Caponetti was convicted of forgery, while the other five defendants were convicted of medical negligence and failure to report. They were given sentences ranging from one year four months to two years in prison. On October 31, 2014 an appeals court in Rome acquitted all six on the basis the prosecution introduced insufficient evidence to prove their guilt. The prosecution appealed the ruling to Italy's highest court, the Court of Cassation. On December 15, 2015 the Court of Cassation affirmed the acquittal of the six codefendants."

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"On December 15, 2015 Italy's highest court, the Court of Cassation affirmed the acquittal of the six codefendants on October 31, 2014 an appeals court in Rome, based on the prosecution's failure to introduce sufficient evidence to prove their guilt."

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Information Source 1:

"All acquitted in Cucchi 'beating' appeal: Manslaughter conviction of doctors overturned, October 31, 2014"

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Information Source 2:

"Cucchi: nuova assoluzione in Appello per i cinque medici, By Francesca Mandelli, www.glistatigenerali.com, December 15, 2015"

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