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Derrick Bunkley



Attempted Murder


17 - 32 yrs

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"Derrick Bunkley was wrongly convicted on September 17, 2014 of attempted murder and firearms charges in Detroit, Michigan. Bunkley was prosecuted after the victim identified him in a photographic lineup. Bunkley claimed he had been mistakenly identified, and his alibi defense was that he was at his mother's home at the time the shooting occurred, and that he had taken photoes on his phone that he posted on Facebook. Bunkley's trial lawyer didn't investigate Bunkley's claim, and at trial the prosecution suggested his mom could have manipulated the time stamp on the uploaded Facebook photo. After his conviction by a jury Bunkley was sentenced to 17 to 32 years in prison. After his conviction Bunkley was represented by the Michigan State Appellate Defender Office (SADO), which initiated a post-conviction investigation. A SADO investigator obtained Bunkley's cell phone records that showed he accessed cell phone towers miles from the crime scene at the time the shooting occurred. Investigation also showed that the time stamp had not been tampered with and the photo uploaded to Facebook had been taken at the time of the crime as Bunkley claimed. Bunkley filed a motion for a new trial based on the new evidence proving his alibi. On February 19, 2016 Bunkley's motion was granted. The Wayne County DA's Office decided not to retry Bunkley, and their motion to dismiss the charges was granted."

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"Katherine Marcuz on the Appellate Investigation Project, By Steve Thorpe (Staff writer), Detroit Legal News, March 31, 2016"

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