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Gavin Burnett



Robbery (includes armed robbery)


9-1/2 years

Years Imprisoned:


Year Crime:

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United Kingdom

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Judicially Exonerated Released

Summary of Case:

"Gavin Burnett was wrongly convicted in July 2007 of two robberies. The primary evidence was a pair of shoes that police investigators said they found outside his house that bore traces of a pink dye found on a cash box stolen during one of the robberies. Gavin Burnett was sentenced to 9-1/2 years in prison. After his trial it was discovered that the shoes found outside his house did not have any dye on them, and that the two investigating officers had complaints pending against them for their conduct. In November 2008 the Court of Appeals quashed Burnett's conviction and no retrial was ordered, because without the shoe evidence their was insufficient evidence he was involvedin the robberies. Burnett was released after a year and four months of wrongful imprisonment."

Conviction Caused By:

Police misconduct of apparently manufacturing evidence to link Burnett to the robberies.

Innocence Proved By:

"Conviction overturned by the Court of Appeal in November 2008, and no retrial was ordered because of insufficient evidence."

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Information Source 1:

"Court of Appeal overturns 'smelly trainers' conviction, Northampton Chronicle, November 21, 2008"

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