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David Carrington-Jones





10 years

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United Kingdom

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"David Carrington-Jones was wrongly convicted in December 2000 of raping twin sisters based solely on the accusation of one of the sisters. Carrington-Jones was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. After his conviction the girl falsely accused her brother, step father, fiancee, a boyfriend and even a customer at work of rape. Carrington-Jones denied raping the girls so he was denied parole in December 2005 and again in December 2006. In August 2007 he was released on bail while his appeal based on the new evidence that his accuser had made multiple false rape allegations was being considered. In October 2007 his conviction was quashed as "demonstrably unsafe" by the Court of Appeals, since the new evidence undermined the credibility of the accuser. Carrington-Jones was released after 6 years and 8 months of wrongful imprisonment."

Conviction Caused By:

False eyewitness identification by his accuser -- that may have been a deliberate false report of a non-existent rape.

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Information Source 1:

"Man served six years for rape he did not commit, By Simon Barrett, The Argus (Brighton, England), October 16, 2007"

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"Man has rape conviction quashed, BBC News, October 16, 2007"

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