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Julie Ferris





Life Imprisonment

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United Kingdom

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Summary of Case:

"Julie Ferris was wrongly convicted in June 2000 of smothering two of her children. The prosecution relied on the expert testimony of discredited expert witness Sir Roy Meadows - the same expert whose erroneous testimony contributed ot the wrongful convictions of Sally Clark and Angela Cannings. Her conviction was reversed in May 2003 and she was released on bail pending a retrial, which was scheduled for November 2004. On August 6, 2004 the prosecution announced it was dropping all charges against Julie Ferris."

Conviction Caused By:

Erroneous expert testimony by Sir Roy Meadows linking her to the death of two of her children who died of natural causes.

Innocence Proved By:

"Conviction reversed by the Court of Appeals in May 2003 and a retrial ordered. The prosecution dropped all charges on August 6, 2004."

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Information Source 1:

"Mother is Cleared of Murdering Her Babies, The Times, UK, Aug 9, 2004."

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Information Source 2:

"No Retrial For Mother, The Guardian, UK, Aug 9, 2004."

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Information Source 3:

"Hell of 'murders' 'mother, Andy Wilks (staff), The Sun UK, 08-09-2004"

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